GRABO® Pro Vacuum Suction Cup


The Grabo Just Got Better!
The World’s first portable electric vacuum lifter just went PRO! Grab rough, porous and even wet surfaces.
The GRABO Pro is designed for professionals. Unlike the other gigantic solutions, the tool is portable and handy.
Living up to the promise of “Heavy Lifting-Made Easy”, the GRABO Pro is equally effective on smooth as well as coarse surfaces. The Pro-lifter has a pumping capacity of 20 liters per minute, a best in class. So, say goodbye to unreliable, and often dangerous, manual suction cups for the job. With GRABO Pro you double your work efficiency with enhanced safety.
The tool is ergonomically designed to provide better grip and less fatigue when moving heavy objects. It is an effective vacuum lifter even for dusty, semi-porous or rough surfaces. The tool works perfectly with glass, wood, ceramic and porcelain tile, metals, and other materials. Just like the Classic version, the powerful vacuum pump and rechargeable battery pack are concealed within the grab handle.
GRABO Pro features an auto suction feature that automatically engages when pressure loss is experienced. No more guessing!
Tested to lift 375 lbs.!
Includes: Protective Bag, battery, AC adapter, and plastic protective cover
Max Lifting Force
This table provides a rough estimate of the max perpendicular adhesion force and max parallel adhesion force on different materials.  These values may vary depending on material and surface conditions.
Material Perpendicular Hold Parallel Hold
Glass 375lbs (170kg) 265lbs (120kg)
Metal 242lbs (110kg) 242lbs (110kg)
Plastic 220lbs (100kg) 220lbs (100kg)
Wood 220lbs (100kg) 143lbs (65kg)
Ceramic Tile 375lbs (170kg) 265lbs (120kg)
Rough Concrete 176lbs (80kg) 176lbs (80kg)
Drywall 165lbs (75kg) 143lbs (65kg)
Rough Slate 176lbs (80kg) 176lbs (80kg)
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